Thursday, September 25, 2008

interesting article. I found this article on Gay marriage, which is very big right now in CA. I am against gay marriage and I have such strong opinions on it, I wanted to share the part of the Proclamation and this article that I found. Notice that it speaks about the part of the Proclamation that I put in the blog entrance below.


Sandi said...

Have you been to these blogs; and They are so inspiting. I think that you would really enjoy reading them. The back story on nienie is she and her husband were in a plane accident in August and were burned badly. They are in the hospital recovering. She is still in a medical induced coma and her husband is gaining conciousness and starting to become aware of the severity of the situation. Their shildren are being cared for by family. Her sister, cjane, is reposting things from her blog and writing her own.

Sandi said...

I meant to type inspiring. sorry.