Monday, September 8, 2008

The Priesthood and Patience

Yesterday was just a normal Fast and Testimony meeting. You know, I try and get up and bare my testimony often. I might not get up every month, but I try. Most of the time I really feel the promptings of the Sprit and I hate to ignore that wonderful feelling. Well, yesterday it was not happening. It used to be when Sydney was little she loved to go up "there" and say a few words. Gage used to always make me go up "there" because "this Sunday will be the sunday I will say something." Now they don't ask. I guess what ever happens to children's spirits as they get older and tainted by the outside world just happens to dull the spirituallity for some.
When I was in Young Women as a teenager, some of the best moments in that dark period of my life come from the testimony meetings we had. Camp was always the best. We would build a huge bon fire and the meeting would go on for hours. It is something that got me through those rough times of my teenage years.

Forrest is on a tangent again, does it ever end? He MUST find a new job yesterday! He says that he is so thankful for the one he has. Oh my gosh, in this economic disaster who wouldn't be thankful. He just feels that he is not living up to his potential. I keep telling him that his first responsiblity is that of a father and priesthood holder. The Lord will take care of him and his family if he upholds those covenents. Also, I gently reminded him this evening that the Lord hears his prayers, he just dosn't always answer them when we would like. I guess thats why patience is such a virtue.

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Jeff said...

Patience is tough, especially when you are suffering. Or watching a loved one suffer. In a way, I kind of understand what you guys are going through.

There isn't anything I could add to your thoughts - you are right "on". The more we do what He asks us to do, the more we are blessed. He won't leave us un-cared-for.

I'm finding more and more that "living up to my potential" means taking care of this family. It's amazing how perspectives change over time.

Love you guys!